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Stories From… (Maasai Warriors)

Note: The top image in this post is clickable and will take you to experience audio of these two performing Maasai singing (which is more like a chant). Must be heard…I’d never heard anything like it before. This week in Kenya, a little dream of mine came true to photograph people from the Maasai tribe. The Maasai people live in...

Stories From… (Lebanon)

Some of the images in this post are clickable and will take you to experience audio or video files created at the sites where the images were taken. Enjoy!  p It’s one of the first things I say to my new clients: “I’m not a photographer. I’m a storyteller. Photography is my medium.” p Travel has always...

Florida Dance Photography // Sunset Ballet

It’s 2am and I’ve pulled an allnighter pouring over every last pixel of these portraits. My heart feels so full. I’ve known Elizabeth since the very hour she was born. I was there when her mother’s water broke and I was there an hour after she came. She was my son, Elijah’s, first friend and...

Florida Family Photographer // Aiden in Tanner Park

Sometimes I troll my website to make sure everything’s working properly and I think…’wait a second…didn’t I ever post that one session?’ In this case, it’s the first photos I ever did of my nephew Aiden which seem to have gone amiss. It was quite a long time ago, but I got these few shots...

Orlando Photographer // Couple in Leu Gardens

Going home to Orlando is always a special treat because I get to photograph some lovely people. When I first met Linda, it was a photographer-to-photographer kinda thing and she said she would like me to photograph her with her husband someday. It’s always such an honour and a pleasure when a fellow photographer wants you...

Central Florida Photographer // Leu Gardens Family Session

The Ortiz Family has had me photograph them three years running and each time, they grow +1. This year brought the addition of another splendid little gal, Hannah. This was my first time shooting at the stunning Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando. If you haven’t been, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s 50 acres of...

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I'm Elizabeth, the photographer behind Gracie May Photography. I've been shooting since my first wedding in 2008 on a borrowed camera.

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