Orlando Corporate Events Photographer // Come Out With Pride 2022

You don’t want just any corporate photographer for your live event. You want a photographer with deep experience capturing people and their emotions.

I have two photography businesses. This one you’re looking at right now (Gracie May Photography) and one for corporate clients called Wheelhaus Media. Through Wheelhaus, I supply businesses with photography and video production that captures more than just the details of what happened—I use my intuition and understanding of how people respond emotionally to capture the photography that businesses need to promote future events and fill their library of custom stock to use throughout the year.

In Autumn 2022, I was hired by the marketing agency Liger to partner with their client US Bank Elavon and capture their involvement as sponsors of Orlando’s tentpole pride event “Come out with pride”.

My images populated a live-stream LED wall of photos that accompanied US Bank’s parade float featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race performer and Britney Spears impersonator Derrick Barry.

Here is a selection of images below. The whole gallery (including some NSFW shots) is available here.

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