Miami Personal Brand Photographer // Dr. Kelley Knowles

Throughout my career as a photographer of powerful women, I’ve had the pleasure of serving medical and Ph.D. doctors by photographing both their weddings and photos for their businesses. I’m always in awe. Dr. Kelley Knowles is no exception.

The purpose of this session was twofold: take photos of Kelley for her platform on the web and to celebrate the massive achievement of becoming Dr. Knowles. And, of course as always, some of these I just took so she could forever remember what a glowingly powerful and beautiful woman she is.

When I asked Kelley, “how long did your dissertation take to write?” she laughed and said, “two babies!”

Kelley not only got a degree in art, but went on to get her Ph.D. as a marriage and family therapist and she did it all while starting and growing her family. She serves the Miami/Ft Lauderdale community from a dual-purpose art and therapy space which is currently under construction so we took to the streets and shot her personal brand photos by the pool at her apartment complex and around FATvillage and downtown Ft Lauderdale.

And my goodness what a session it was. I was so extremely in my element shooting in the full sunshine and around all this luscious street art. The area is truly an immersive experience and so it’s safe to say that my time with Kelley was “always joyful and never forced” as I love to say!

Thank you, Kelley, for allowing me to work with you and commemorate your massive achievement of becoming Dr. Knowles.

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