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With Covid changing everything, many people are finding themselves suddenly in need of websites to get themselves up and running with their own small business. And what do you need to make a website? Photography!

Nice to meet you I’m your new photographer. We can work quickly to create the assets you need to get your own business off the ground pronto. Whether you’re selling crafts (or plant clippings!) on Etsy, coaching clients 1:1 or running online wellness bootcamps, you’re going to need authentic images to help people know, like and trust you before they will trust you with something that might be more scarce than usual: their money.

The photos above are me (I’m just another millennial with a plant problem) and I have my own personal branding photography sessions, too, because I don’t want to be a faceless photographer here telling you what you need without doing it myself!

The photos below, though? Those are Denise. I so enjoyed helping Denise (a health coach) communicate her personality through photography. Her business is all about helping moms lose stubborn weight with clean eating so they can feel amazing. She created customized plans and runs online bootcamps to help local (and national) clients stay on track to meet their goals.

One thing I loved discovering about Denise’s business when I dug deep to learn about her was that no matter her clients’ preferred eating style (vegan, keto, whatever) she can cater to that. She doesn’t say you “have to eat my way or the highway” she meets them where they’re at and THEY define the lifestyle they want to achieve. I love that.

After these sessions, it’s such a pleasure to watch clients’ Instagram grids spring to life with their new photos. Go follow Denise on Instagram and check out her whole session below!

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