Orlando Personal Brand Photography // Karina & Andrew in Davenport

What can I say about Karina & Andrew? A lot, actually.

First of all it goes without saying that they’re BEAUTIFUL individually and as a couple. But more than that, they’re really really kind. One of the most striking moments for me was when we were shooting in the Egg City Cafe (if you live in Central Florida, GO THERE!). Our server was a woman who could have been easily overlooked since we were busy shooting and they were important people one might call VIPs. BUT they took time to talk to her, take an interest in what she was saying and then respond with encouragement and enthusiasm. If you want to know what someone’s made of, go out to eat with them and see how they treat service people. Karina & Andrew are gold.

But they’re also really freaking busy. In addition to being professional actors, they produce movies and run a business called Fresh Patch which delivers patches of grass to city dogs so they can have real grass on their balcony or whatever. It was one of Oprah’s favorite things and won funding on Shark Tank. They started out growing their patches right here in Davenport but outgrew and now their operation is elsewhere.

The need for photos was images which could be sent to different press outlets who run pieces on their various endeavors. Some needed to be slick, some needed to feel like home snapshots. Some alone, some together. Some casual, some professional. The images you see here are a result of two different sessions. One in Downtown Winter Garden and one in Davenport. Enjoy!

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