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“I cannot believe you sent me them so quickly. Omg that turnaround time is ridiculously good and wow the pictures are amazing! Some clients have waited 3-4 months for their photos.” -Lora DeLorenzo

Lora DeLorenzo is the founder & CEO of Overeasy Events, a top Orlando event planner so when she chose me for her personal brand photography, that’s a pretty big deal. Lora comes in contact with a LOT of photographers so she has a lot of options.

The first time we met, the pandemic was in full swing and it was hard to envision how we’d get the images she needed safely so we said, “let’s stick a pin in this.” I’m so happy she got in touch recently to pick up where we left off.

Lora is very kind and the exact kind of person I always try to manifest in my life and business. When she got back in touch, she said, “We talked about it so long ago but you made such an impact on me with your genuine personality and it’s a connection that I never forgot.” 🥲 I can’t possibly be happier hearing that from someone I met briefly a year ago!

So we decided to start our journey with my lite session option because she had a couple of free hours. She’s a busy person and that’s exactly why I help people like Lora to plan how to get the most images in one session that look like they were taken at different times in different places.

We shot in venues where she often works with her team to deliver events and experiences for the people of Central Florida. And personally, I think we nailed it!

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