Planning a personal brand photography session

It can be daunting to face the prospect of creating a bank of images with all the other things you need to get done.

There are three phases to the creative process.

  1. Pre production
  2. Production
  3. Post production

The first phase is pre production and it’s the most important because it sets us up for success. This isn’t just about taking pictures. I’m not going to be a prima donna photographer pretending that only I can take great looking photos for you. Truth is, any millennial can take decent photos with their iPhone.

What I bring is photographic talent paired with brand savvy and TONS of experience as a content creator. And by tons I mean I’ve been a blogger & content designer since 2008. I was a professional blogger creating multiple pieces of daily content and online classes for myself and partner brands and now I’m a professional brand director supporting multi million dollar companies with content strategies.

It’s LOT of work and I rely on the magic of creating work in batches.

I know the pain of writing something and going “well, shit, now I need a picture to go with this”.

My goal is to give you everything you need in one shoot so you don’t have to get dressed and make your teenager take pictures with your phone every time you want to post a quick update to Instagram. And these aren’t just the typical stock of photos you think you need. I get the stuff you don’t know you need until you need it.

Until you decide you’re going to publish a list of your 5 favorite local cafes and realize you could really use a photo to go with that. And, hey presto, I was way ahead of you and you DO have that photo in your stock!

HOW I do that is my secret sauce and it happens once you’ve secured me as your photographer.

But what I can tell you is these are the steps you can expect leading up to your session:

📞 We have a 15 minute video chat to meet and learn about your business. If you like my vibe and want to work together, you move on to the next steps.
✅ You choose which price point works for you.
📄 I send your contract and invoice.
🗓 Once those are taken care of, I send date options for our pre-shoot planning calls.
📞 We have two planning calls. One a few weeks before your session and one a few days before. We discuss location(s), shot list, storylines, wardrobe, everything.
📸 We do the shoot.
💌 A few days later, your images land in your inbox.
💃 You do a happy dance.
📣 We stay friends and I amplify you to my audience like the powerhouse you are.

Baddabing! Whatchyou waiting for? Click here to schedule a consult call.

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