Hampshire Family Photographer // Nowheresville Family Session

“Elizabeth, these are amazing thank you!! Have been looking at them over and over and just love every single one!” -Audrey

Being flexible is an important part of finding beauty. I knew of this purple field of wildflowers. No clue even what town it was in. I only knew how to get there. So Audrey, Jamie, Henry and Frances met me there and the flowers were gone. Here today, gone tomorrow, that’s how it can be with these things.


Honestly, I felt a bit sick. I had these clients there looking at me, waiting for me to come up with something brilliant and honestly, I had nothing up my sleeve. So throwing plan A out the window, we went for a drive and ended up finding some incredible little locations. Again, I don’t have a clue where we were (Hampshire or Berkshire that’s all I know) but it was a super fun time together with some of my favourite long time clients. You might remember seeing Henry a couple years ago in this lavender session. My, how he’s grown!


We ended up shooting in two different locations. One was this sunny country road with a most incredible overhanging tree. There’s kindof an art to finding a balance between shade and sunshine. A way to stop your subjects from being blown out by light but also not dark and shadowy. We found that magic on this little country road.


On the way back to somewheresville, we got lost and found a little forest. A challenge in photographing surrounded by such luscious green is avoiding the green from bouncing off them and casting a Hulkish shade on their skin. Somehow, we achieved this even though the  woods were so supergreen. It was a beautiful day I’ll remember long after the last days of summer.

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