London Family Photographer // The London Wilderness

“You have captured us and, most importantly, Finlay perfectly.  We really enjoyed the session, spending the time wandering through the park with you was really fun and relaxed and it really shows. ” -Natasha

This autumn is turning out to be quite a lovely summery one. Although we’re not having the vibrant colours typical for this time of year, we still have the warmth and glow of summer which is a pretty good trade, I think!

I met the Hanna family in a London royal park which another client dubbed “the London wilderness”. Such a funny observation. I mean, this park is miles wide and smackdab in the middle of London. You wouldn’t really expect to see forests and wild deer in the middle of the city, right?


Natasha, Frank and Finlay were so excellent in front of the camera. However, being that Natasha is a photographer, herself, there are definitely things to consider because photographing children of photographers can be amazing and challenging at the same time. These kids…they’re totally on it. They know how to pose and smile and get it done, but that’s not what I’m always after. I endeavour to always get something deep and authentic from my kid subjects and Finlay certainly delivered. He’s a gentle and kind little boy with lots going on behind those gorgeous eyes.


I know how it is as a mom/photographer: my kids aren’t really into being photographed by me anymore so I knew Natasha would have high hopes and I hope I delivered!

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