London Family Photography // Sunset Family Session

“My face is aching from smiling so much and I have happy tears!” -Gemma

Oy vey. The Wilsons are such a gorgeous family. They booked their session with me months ago and we’ve all been looking forward to it so much. The first date was cancelled due to rain and it still hadn’t let up a week later but nothing was going to stop us. It is autumn after all which -let’s face it- in England, that means rain. Rain and sunset in the middle of the afternoon.


It was raining at the beginning of my session with Pal, Gemma, Lawrie and little Romy but we pressed on. I’m so incredibly pleased with the results of this amazing afternoon in London with this utterly gorgeous family and they are, too. I’m always on pins and needles waiting to hear my clients’ reactions to their photos!


“Oh Elizabeth I can’t find the words…but I will try :) You are AMAZING and have produced the most beautiful images of our family. You have captured everyone perfectly and I am so so happy my face is aching from smiling so much and I have happy tears! I love each and every one of them, thank you!”

Even at family sessions, I try my hardest to make sure to get a few minutes with the mum and dad so we can take some gorgeous photos of just them. Often, there are mini catastrophes happening in the background while we take a second or two to focus on these shots. Check out the shot below…it’s just a little behind the scenes glimpse at what’s sometimes really going on! Come rain, shine or moody toddlers, we press on!


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