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Cindy has been a dear friend since she first met and married our friend, Jason, a lifetime ago. So when we realised that my trip home to Florida coincided with her being majorly pregnant, we started plotting for a photography session featuring the bump. Cindy’s mom is a master seamstress and costume designer so she easily eyeballed our inspiration gallery and made the dress.

Cindy picked me up and drove us to the coast. Eating for two demanded that we pull over for Panera and -oops- we got to talking and I suddenly realised that the sun was almost set. And we were still 20 minutes from the beach! So we hauled ass and never made it to our actual destination. We parked illegally, jumped a fence and got everything we needed in less than 10 minutes.

Something to note here is that this sky wasn’t replaced in Photoshop – it’s the actual sky we were blessed with that evening. Being so, it’s difficult to edit every single photo to be exactly the same because the light was changing rapidly from moment to moment. So I did the best I could and I hope you enjoy!


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