Florida Teen Photographer // Sassafras to the Maximas in Downtown Winter Garden

My teen photography sessions are always joyful and never forced. I serve the most fearless kids in Central Florida.

I’ve photographed Naomi maaaany times. If you’ve been following me for a long time you’ll recognize her. Like here or here or here.

Naomi is 10 and the daughter of my best friend (who you’ve also seen a lot of in my work. Like here) You could definitely say she’s her spitting image. It was interesting photographing her because when I look at you though my camera, it can be like a microscope where I’m watching your every twitch, noticing how you move, how comfortable (or uncomfortable) you are with being photographed. And I use this information to inform the choices I make for you while we’re shooting. I’m very honed in on your nonverbal communication.

I love photographing teens because I vividly remember being in this phase of my life. What stands out is the feelings surrounding trying to learn WHO I was, trying to learn my place in the world and learn to move around in the world while growing into this new body which seemed foreign to me. Ever the photographer, I was always finding ways to photograph myself as a teenager and in retrospect, I believe being in front of the camera helped me to learn more about myself and how to move in the world. I love being able to give this gift to teens and women who I love. Please get in touch with me if you think you’d like to explore yourself through my camera lens.

No doubt as she approaches her teens, Naomi will be experiencing these same things. But for sure, she’s very present in her body and intuitive about how to pose and interact with the camera which makes her a bit of a unicorn for someone her age without professional experience. It was a true collaboration wherein I set up the styling, location, “story” of the shot and the posing was all her. Each story was invented to align with a different side of Naomi from being a skater girl to loving fashion and being able to rock a baseball cap!

These photos were taken in Downtown Winter Garden while they were visiting us from England which was very different from past shoots which we tended to always do in the forests of England where they live. Can’t wait to do it again and follow her as she grows into the woman she’s meant to be.

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