Orlando Events Photographer // ATIA Convention 2023

I’m lucky to live in Orlando where corporates come to hold their biggest events. My goal when shooting an event is to not just capture what happened but how it made everyone feel.

I pair my experience as a photojournalistic photographer with my deep understanding of how people express their emotions to capture the photography that organizations need to promote future events and fill up their custom stock libraries.

I have two photography businesses. Gracie May Photography (the site you’re on right now) is all about serving Central Florida’s couples and their micro weddings. My other business is Wheelhaus Media. Through Wheelhaus, I support organizations with live events photography and video production.

I like to believe that my history of photographing elite weddings throughout Europe prepared me for this mission. My goal when shooting an event is to not just capture what happened but how it made everyone feel. One of my tricks is, during an emotional keynote or even just in the exhibit hall at a convention, I scan the room for the criers, the laughers, and the note-takers. I focus on them and wait. And wait. And wait. And the next time they laugh or wipe a tear away, I capture it. This is how I learned to photograph wedding guests watching the ceremony or listening to speeches.

I think that approaching it in this way means that my images are full of life and I hope that makes it easier to market next years’ events in a way that makes viewers want to experience that excitement and energy for themselves.

A little bit about this event you’re seeing here. ATIA is the Assistive Technology Industry Association. They found me through my work with special needs families and the fact that I, myself, have a disabled child who uses assistive tech (an eye gaze computer) herself. They wanted to hire a photographer who had an understanding of, and sensitivity to, the subject matter.

At the beginning of the gig, the CEO of ATIA said to me that—in 27 years of holding this event—he’d never been able to get a photographer to capture the vibrance and energy of the convention’s events. From what I heard, he was a very happy camper and I finally delivered the kinds of images he’s always wanted. That makes me so so happy.

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I'm Elizabeth, the photographer behind Gracie May Photography. I've been shooting since my first wedding in 2008 on a borrowed camera.

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