Advice & FAQs for your Orlando courthouse wedding

FAQs about getting married at the Orange County Clerk of Courts

Q. Can anyone get married at the courthouse in Orlando?

Yes! Wherever you’re from in the world, you can get married in Orlando! This page has info for non-Florida residents getting a marriage license.

Q. Can you get your license and get married on the same day?

If you’re a Florida resident, and you can prove you’ve taken a premarital course, you can get your license and get married on the same day. If you haven’t taken the course, there will be a 3 day waiting period between your license and your ceremony. There is no waiting period or course requirement if you’re not from Florida. This page has everything you need to know about it.

Q. What is the ceremony room like at the Orange County courthouse?

The ceremony room at the courthouse is tiny and the ceremony takes 3-5 minutes. The room is tiny and dim and this is why we spend more time outside to capture that juicy Florida light.

Q. Can you have your photographer with you in the courthouse?

In theory, yes. Before covid, I could accompany a couple into the courthouse and the ceremony room. It’s worth checking the rules when you book your appointment.

Q. What’s the best time to get married at the courthouse in Orlando?

If you’re fro Florida, this wouldn’t surprise you. And even if you are, it’s worth reminding you that half the year, Florida has a storm every afternoon. So if you want to get married at 3pm in July, bring a cute umbrella or plan your time earlier if you don’t want photos in the rain. I can work in light rain (and it looks great on camera) but I can’t work in a storm.

Advice from other couples

I surveyed my courthouse wedding couples to learn the info and advice they might have for you. Here’s what they said…

“Make this day about you and your spouse. However you choose to make your day memorable, professional photos are the way to go. They are worth it!”


“Because we invested in an amazing photographer, people who weren’t able to attend honestly thought we had a traditional, expensive wedding!”


“Be sure to confirm how many guests can attend as it changes all the time due to Covid. A few weeks before the wedding, we were told only two people could join us but the day of, our whole family was allowed to come in.”


“I wish I hadn’t scheduled some things on our day so close together. I worried about the gaps of time and that I would get anxious, but it was just what I needed. I probably could’ve used more time. The day went by so fast. “


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