Late afternoon Tampa courthouse wedding

Although I’m located in Orlando, it’s always worth the drive for a Tampa courthouse wedding.

Note: I give my couples a choice of how their images are edited. This couple requested my bright and fresh option.

black couple doing marriage paperwork at the window of the hillsborough county courthouse

Judley & Tyliek called me for their Tampa courthouse wedding and I answered that call! I love this area and love it even more in the late afternoon. I find that for almost all courthouses, making the latest possible appointment means a few things:

  • Less waiting at the courthouse
  • Fewer people getting in the way of your photos
  • Luscious late afternoon Florida light
black couple walk across the road in downtown tampa after their hillsborough county courthouse wedding

Judley & Tyliek are toddler parents who snuck out for a day-date to get married before heading home to take their 3-year-old to Paw Patrol. In my world, this looks like hiding in my bathroom to eat ice cream in peace but to each their own!

When I asked why they chose me, Judley said, “It took one TikTok that I saw was photographed in Orlando and immediately hoped you travel to Tampa. I started going through your website and saw how so many of these couples’ pictures just look so beautiful. I appreciate a photographer who guides you through the process of how to actually pose and is familiar with location.”

black couple pose outside the masonic lodge in downtown tampa after their courthouse wedding

It fills my heart with joy when I hear that the elements I want to bring to my work are getting through as intended. I hope that when people look at my work, they get a sense of not just who the subjects are, but who I am as a photographer and how you can expect me to show up for you on your big day.

Thank you for having me, Judley & Tyliek it was my pleasure!

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