Simple and chic Orange County Courthouse wedding

However you choose to get married, I’ll join you on your adventure and make it look chic as fuck. Case in point: this simple and chic Orange County Courthouse wedding.

Apart from dating apps, working at Disney appears to be a great way to meet the love of your life! It’s a story I hear a lot.

Cassie & Juan met while working at Disney. They love visiting theme parks, having brunch, and spending time with their friends. Juan is a beer enthusiast and Cassie is a huge swiftie. I learned these things in their pre-wedding questionnaire so I was able to set up some shots to celebrate their passions in the photos of their day.

They chose to make getting married stress-free and joyful by tying the knot at the Orange County Courthouse. Mission accomplished!

I’m often asked how many people couples can have in the ceremony room at this courthouse. There isn’t an easy answer to this question, but here’s the deal…

When you get your license at the courthouse, they will tell you that 6 people are allowed. They might tell you something different if you call. However, there are 12 chairs in the ceremony room (the math ain’t mathing). I regularly see up to 20 people squeezed into that room. It also depends on the clerk you get. I have only ever known one clerk to be grumpy about more than 6 people, but I only saw her there for two days and haven’t seen her again.

straight couple getting married in the ceremony room at the orange county courthouse.

Simple > Stressful

Cassie & Juan said they chose me because of my knowledge of micro weddings and courthouses and they felt confident that I would capture the special moments of their simple day. I like to think that my work makes these “simple” days look elevated and chic.

Thank you for having me, Cassie & Juan!

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