Vegas Vibes at the Seminole County Criminal Courthouse

As Central Florida’s busiest courthouse wedding photographer, I was so excited to cover Seth & Gianni’s elopement. Their Rock & Roll Vegas vibe was so fun to capture.

Seth and Gianni wanted to elope in Vegas but didn’t want the stress of planning and traveling so they brought those vibes with them to the criminal justice courthouse in Seminole County.

And this brings up a good point because I study the trend of civil ceremony weddings and 70% of couples I’ve surveyed said that stress was the leading reason they chose to get married at the courthouse.

Now, “criminal” isn’t really something you want to see on your wedding invitations, but hear me out…this is a beautiful courthouse for couples wanting to get married in Seminole County. The exterior is bold, symmetrical, and towering. The light is always juicy. Oh, and they will do your ceremony outside if you so choose!

I was only able to offer Seth and Gianni one hour so I didn’t cover their ceremony, but there are other weddings from this courthouse here on my website if you want to see what their inside and outside ceremonies look like.

I created a page that pulls together all of the Central Florida courthouses where I’ve worked so far and gives pros and cons of them and all the info you will need to make an informed choice about which one you use for your wedding.

Thank you for having me, Seth and Gianni!

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