Hampshire Wedding Photographer // Autumn Hamble Engagement Session

“This isn’t how I thought it would be at all.” -Grace (during the session)

I’ve known Ben and Grace since before they were Ben and Grace. And then when they got together, I was like “yes, of course!” They. Are. Perfect together.

We’ll be shooting their wedding next month but first, their engagement session.


We shot at the sprawling Hamble property of one of their family friends. SO many beautiful places to go for Autumn beauty.

They laughed, Grace cried. They learned things about each other that they didn’t know. My sessions aren’t all about taking pictures. They’re about giving you an opportunity to step into a zone with your loved one and then I take pictures of the moments that come from this invitation.


I always get a couple shots of hands (they were my first photographic love) but for some reason, this time, I was drawn to their expressive hands over and over again. They’re a very tactile couple and their hands say a lot dontchya think?


Nerdy notes: these images were taken with only one lens, a Sigma 35mm art series. All taken wide open at f/1.4.

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