Fairytale Surprise Proposal in England

“The photos look like we are in a fairytale. We love them.” -Kethes + Kiru


There have been an incredible amount of times when I’ve looked at myself working and thought “I am seriously the luckiest photographer of all time.” But it just keeps getting better. Only about 10 days ago, I got an email from Kethes. He was planning to propose to his love, Kiru, in the very spot where they wanted to get married someday. By the time I learned of this, he was already deep into the plans. The venue had emailed Kiru with the fake news that they had won a photoshoot and now Kethes had to come up with the goods.

“Your enthusiasm, your story, and your photography style sold me. I made the right call choosing you.” -Kethes


So I embarked on the most lie-riddled week of my life. We Skyped and Kethes and I pretended we had never met. As soon as they saw me on Skype, he said, “Hi I’m Kethes we’ve never met before!” which we laughed about later. I had to confirm all the lies leading up to the shoot “Yes, congratulations for winning!” and yadda yadda yadda. Kiru fell for it all and really, truly had absolutely no idea what was about to happen until he got down on one knee. She said yes to her romantic beau and I can’t wait until they say their vows under this fairytale dome in the countryside.

P.S. You can see behind the scenes of this session here.

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