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You know the saying ‘the cobbler’s children have no shoes’? Well, the photographer has no photos of their family. It’s been almost 3 years since my husband and I had photos taken of ourselves. That was long before we changed our lives in a drastic way. My changes were more inside and his were both inside and outside so we felt like it was high time to take photos of ourselves to celebrate the new and improved Halfords.

But who was going to take them? I tried a few times to enquire about sessions with other photographers, but since we all seem a bit intimidated at the thought of producing work for another photographer (I’m in that club…it’s scary!) I couldn’t find anyone.

Last weekend I shot a friend’s wedding and so my second shooter, Poppy, was able to get some of my husband and I since we were guests as well. So thank you, Poppy! She took them and I edited. And Steven just stood around looking hot. Well done, honey!

// info //

  • Location // Wickham Vineyard
  • My outfit // Cath Kidston
  • Steven is wearing Joules
  • The bike is a Pashley Tube Rider and available as a prop for your session or wedding – just ask!




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I'm Elizabeth, the photographer behind Gracie May Photography. I've been shooting since my first wedding in 2008 on a borrowed camera.

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