Wardrobe for your session {dress to match the sofa?}

This shot of my Jack is a large canvas in my lounge & it matches my colour scheme perfectly

Yes, you heard right! When choosing clothing for your family photos with me, dress to match the sofa! Think about the end result you’re aiming for by having your photos taken by a professional. Is it to have a large canvas over the fireplace? A series of small canvases leading up the stairs? Prints which will be framed in black? You will get maximum ‘punch’ from your new artwork if it looks like it really fits in the space you have placed it. If you have a shabby chic style in your lounge, putting your children in red probably wouldn’t look so great over the fireplace. Whether your style is contemporary, classic, victorian or has an island getaway feel, consider it when choosing the wardrobe to be used in your shoot.

If you want help deciding what direction to go with the things I have talked about here, get in touch before your session and I can help you! The goal is to create beautiful art, where your family is the centerpiece, which will really fit in your home.


  • Put your little girl in a pony tail. Take my word for it – she will look bald!
  • Dress in bold patterns that will distract from the subject’s face
  • Dress kids in clothing with characters on it. No Thomas the Tank or Winnie the Pooh.
  • Forget about your shoes. They will be showing in some of the shots so put some thought into them as a part of your wardrobe


Bring props Cuddly toys precious to your children or things that will help them feel comfortable. Whether for adults or children, props can be great inspiration for the direction your session takes. Musical instruments, a guitar amp, hats, your high heels for your little girl. Let your imagination flow and bring whatever you want, however large or small. Sometimes, the most bizarre things can really be great.

Think about your hair & makeup When doing your hair and makeup for your photos, remember that more is better. Photography tones down the effect of makeup by about half so if you don’t feel like you’re wearing too much, you’re not wearing enough. Even red lipstick might not look so bold in photos and hair can look flat if you don’t ‘big it up’ a bit. A little backcombing never hurt! And for your little ones, clear gloss or balm {for the boys} can be great especially in the colder months when dry lips stick out like a sore thumb.

Accessorize Especially for kids, a little accessory can really make the close-ups grand. I especially love hair things on little girls. Keep their hair down if possible (so they don’t look bald if their pony isn’t showing) and give them a hair band, a bow, a flower, a woven ring of daisies or a really pretty woolly hat. Woolly hats and scarves are great for babies, too.

Shop Next Directory usually has some sort of tutu for sale, often in baby sizes. Tutus are adorable on little girls, no matter the age. Wolly hats, scarves, head bands (stretchy or normal, especially with flowers on). ASDA usually has tiny bikinis which are just plain adorable, especially on the chubby girls! Remember the nappy – bring a fresh one so you can get a few fleshy shots with a clean fresh nappy. Frilly pants over the nappy is even better.

Mix & match some of my best sessions have been in clothing that the subjects wouldn’t normally wear or put together. Clashing/contrasting tights & other accessories can look really cool with a dress & leg warmers. Lots of different layers are always interesting to look at and can be stripped off as the session progresses to have a different look all together. Again, Next Directory is an awesome place for inspiration and when I don’t want to think about putting things together, I just buy the whole outfit.

Ask! Don’t hesitate to ask me if you want help! I can even see your options via Skype and help you decide.

If you have an upcoming session, just know that I am always looking forward to it! I really truly madly deeply love what I do and am always here to help you prepare for your time with me.

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I'm Elizabeth, the photographer behind Gracie May Photography. I've been shooting since my first wedding in 2008 on a borrowed camera.

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