Bright white backyard micro wedding in Orlando

When Miya and Vishal first told me about the backyard micro wedding they were planning with their large South Asian family, I was bummed it was going to be a few months away.

A note about the style. I give clients a choice of editing styles and they opted for bright & fresh which was a great call. The fact that everyone participated in the white-wedding dress code made these photos what they are. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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indian couple posing together before their micro wedding in orlando

For photographers, there are just some shoots that stay with us. This is one of those for me.

Miya and Vishal are a couple from DC who chose to plan their micro wedding in Orlando for the weather and proximity to family members. They’re a big, close-knit Indian family who all threw themselves wholeheartedly into making this wedding everything that it was.

large south asian group at a backyard micro wedding in orlando

Technical glitches can be irritating and sometimes, they can cause a disaster. For Miya & Vishal, a technical glitch changed their lives for the better. They connected on a dating app for South Asians called Dil Mil, and it glitched with the radius function. Miya thought Vishal was in DC, and Vishal thought Miya was in Dallas. It took them a week to figure it out. 4 months later, they met at the Dallas Airport during a layover on Miya’s way to see her family. Although Vishal went on to move to DC, you can take the man out of Texas but you can’t take Texas out of the man!

The vibe they requested for their photos was “high-energy fun and goofiness”. I can’t make the fun happen, but when it does, I’m there to capture it! Miya’s dad’s BFF officiated and it was the funniest ceremony I’ve ever witnessed. I wish we were capturing video because it would go viral.

Since they met during the pandemic, it was the first time both families came together. They were hoping for both families to really bond and break out of their comfort zones. I think you can see from these photos that their hopes came true. I didn’t really know where one family started and the other one ended. They truly came together.

At sundown, this classy bunch got TURNT UP and I’ve posted those photos separately here.

indian couple spraying champagne during their orlando micro wedding

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