Boss baby courthouse wedding

The thing I love the most about courthouse weddings is that they can be as casual as you want them to be. Case in point: Frances & Elias’ baby insisted on being in on the action.

France & Elias found me on Pinterest just a few days before their courthouse wedding in Orlando. She says she wasn’t even looking for a photographer and this is one of my favorite things to hear when I ask couples how they found me.

I’ve heard often that couples can feel kinda’ down about their courthouse wedding choice. And then they discover my photography and realize that their courthouse wedding doesn’t have to look grey. It can be full of joy!

Elias Jr. wanted to be a part of everything going on so when he wanted his dad to hold him through the whole thing, it was no problem at all. In fact, he made everything 100% cuter and gave me someone to play with.

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