Kelly Park at Rock Springs Micro Wedding

We covered Keeley and Katie’s Rock Springs micro wedding with both photography and cinematic video and the results are so dreamy.

If I had to give you a recipe for how to work with me to pull off a shoot like this, it would be:

  1. Hire me for more than my 2-hour minimum
  2. Plan your shoot in a unique location
  3. Prioritize our time together as a feature of your day, not an afterthought. I had the luxury of photography being the most important thing to this couple and that gave me the freedom to experiment a lot.

Ok, so…about this couple…Keeley and Katie met as babies in kindergarten. Keeley developed a crush in middle school but didn’t get Katie’s love locked down until their sophomore year in high school and they’ve been together ever since. Shortly after their 10th anniversary, Elijah and I met them on an autumn day at Kelly Park to cover their joyful micro wedding with photography and video.

They booked me 6 months before their big day and all that time, I walked around with the excitement of knowing that they wanted to do their shoot in the water of Rock Springs. This icy cold natural spring is the site of some of my happiest childhood memories. I grew up camping and swimming there (and sneaking into the woods to make out with my boyfriends). So doing a wedding here was a very exciting development!

They hired me for 4 hours which I worried would be overkill but we used the whole time creating a timeless collection of images they can look at for the rest of their lives. I really have such a huge responsibility on my hands when I partner with couples to capture this vital moment in their lives.

Keeley and Katie are my kind of people. They have huge, juicy, kind hearts. Would you believe that although they’re in their mid-20s, they have a 17-year-old son? They adopted their son Elijah when he was 11. And that’s how I know they’re my kind of people and they deserved the best we could give them.

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