70s themed backyard afterparty

When the sun went down on Miya & Vishal’s white wedding, they turned up the heat with a party to remember.

These photos accompany the ones in this post about one couple’s bright white backyard micro wedding.

“If the photo isn’t good enough it’s because you’re not close enough.” -Robert Capa

I shoot wedding photography from a distance because I want the viewer to feel like a voyeur and I don’t want you to be reminded that there’s a photographer in the mix. But parties? Parties are a whole ‘nuther thing.

When I shoot ragers, I use an ultra-wide lens and get right in the middle of the action. I interact and party with everyone and have no problem with the viewer being reminded that I was present.

As the crowd got more drunk so did my photography. I slowed my shutter down throughout the night to create blur and light trails so you could go on the journey with them and end up seeing double, too! 😅 Except you won’t need Tylenol in the morning.

Big shout out to Belles of the Bar. Those mobile bartending babes are incredible at what they do.

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