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I do personal brand shoots for Central Florida small businesses.

Please forgive all the keyword stuffing in this post. I have to do that so people like Kendall can find me! That’s precisely how she found me when she was Googling for a Central Florida small business photographer for her business Nona Lash Room.

I’m a brand and marketing exec full time so it was really amusing that Kendall seemed to catch this from the get-go when looking for her personal brand photographer. She told me, “I chose you because I could tell you worked in marketing or something. I was combing through Google results and was thinking ‘is this all there is? These photos have no life in them’ but your photos were full of personality.”

central florida small business photographer

As Central Florida’s small business photographer, my photos are full of personality because I have the best clients and they bring the personality! Kendall is a bubbly, hospitable, kind, energetic extrovert who has a knack for bringing people together. In a world where it’s so easy to stay disconnected from the people we connect with on the daily, Kendall pulls women into her orbit and has formed the ultimate #girlgang.

central florida small business photographer

I was amazed to learn that many of the women she pulled into her photoshoot never even knew her until they went to her for their eyelashes. They seemed like lifelong friends but Kendall only started doing lashes since the start of the pandemic!

“As the CEO of my own life, there’s so much to do” -Kendall, Nona Lash Room

I love getting to pick my clients’ brains to prepare for their sessions so I asked Kendall how she got into doing eyelashes in the first place. “My background is in hospitality. I lost my job in the pandemic which was the biggest blessing ever. I always wanted to work in beauty, so I went to school to learn how to do lashes. I picked it up very quickly it came to me naturally and I was good from the first set I ever did.” 

central florida small business photographer

And she ain’t lying. Her lashes ARE killer. One client who took part in our photoshoot said, “I found Kendall because I told my friend ‘I really think I’d be a bad bitch if I started doing my eyelashes’ and she said I just had to meet her friend Kendall.” Everyone was very happy with her work, not least of all Kendall who just LOVES what she does SO. MUCH.

“If I’m not doing lashes, I’m practicing lashes. If I’m not practicing lashes, I’m out there looking for the latest and greatest things to do with lashes.”

We decided to make the Lake Nona community a strong part of Kendall’s personal brand because she’s so deeply entrenched is this community. Connecting your business with the community it’s located in is a great strategy for reach. I even filmed some videos to show Kendall and her friends taking in a beautful Sunday in Lake Nona.

I think Kendall’s passion for what she does couldn’t be more evident in her words, her work, and (hopefully!) her photos.

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