Dorset Wedding Photographer // Summer Wedding at Lulworth Castle

I met Galer & Debs about a year before their wedding. When they described their plans, I was like “where do I sign?!” I would have gone through hell and high water to have been their wedding photographer. Luckily, I only needed to pop them in my diary. No hell or high water required.

Galer and Debs got married at Lulworth Castle in Dorset. For me and my team (including my motion picture team – yes, there will be a movie of this one!), we started with breakfast at sun-up and I was off shooting the gorgeous Lulworth Cove before the coffee even came to our table. The surf, the boats, the luscious morning light. I couldn’t resist – it was already setting the bar pretty high for the kind of day this would be. And it just kept getting better.


While Debs and her ladies were getting ready at The Limestone Hotel, Galer was laughing it up around the corner at The Weld Arms pub. These two are very lucky to have so many loving and supportive friends. Debs had so much support for those nervous couple of hours before she walked down the aisle and the best thing is that she knows how lucky she is and is never short of beautiful words for this group of friends.

“You girls are the best friends anyone could ever have.” -Debs


One thing you’ll not be seeing in these getting ready photos is one of Debs getting her makeup done. And that’s precisely because she didn’t wear makeup for her walk down the aisle. As spokeswoman for a new beauty product, there was a crew there to film her makeupless walk down the aisle. More on that another time when I can show you the commercial.

Galer & Debs said their vows at the St. Andrew Church which is just next to Lulworth Castle and part of the sprawling 1000 acre estate. It’s a picture perfect, quintessential English church with beautiful light and set the scene perfectly.


Now, to the most breathtaking part of it all…the castle! Oh. Em. Gee. Four hundred year old Lulworth Castle. My team and I just kept gasping all day and whispering “we’re so so lucky – look at our job! Look at this place!” And before you say “yea yea a castle – whatever” check this out…Lulworth Castle suffered a fire in 1929. And although it’s pristine and perfect for the classiest of events, it’s also gloriously quirky in that some of the destruction of the fire is left intact. Although from the outside the castle appears to have multiple stories, the whole place is actually just exceedingly large rooms all the way to the top. However, in some places up where, say, the third floor would have been, there are still ancient doors just sitting there in the wall. It’s very very cool and the caretakers have considered everything needed to make it a beautiful location for weddings, particularly the lighting which is always important to me as a photographer.


Thank you to all who made it possible for me to be the lucky photographer to have captured this day. I will remember every detail of it forever and hopefully thanks to these images, so will Galer & Debs!

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