Stock photos are missing the most important thing: YOU


Personal brand photography in Central Florida

Connect. Build. Close.


We know about the importance of first impressions but what is actually happening in those first microseconds?




Upon seeing a person, the brain rapidly processes visual information. It takes in details like attire, facial expression, body language, and energy. These are clues gathered to form a belief about whether they know, like, and trust you.




Do they feel like they already know you? Do they like you? Do they trust you? This is an opportunity to begin building rapport.




Business is about generating revenue and people don't hand their money over easily. If they aren't attracted, you'll never even start the process that leads to converting them into followers or paying customers.

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"Working with Elizabeth was a wonderful experience. This engagement allowed me to obtain high-quality content and having a professional tell me how to pose and help me feel natural took so much pressure off of me. I received the final images incredibly quickly after the shoot which was very important to me. I highly recommend a brand session with Elizabeth for the quality, creativity, and efficiency!"

-Maren Locke, M.D.

Featured Project: Photography for motivational speaker Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy is the most decorated U.S. Paralympic snowboarder in history, New York Times best-selling author, Dancing with the Stars competitor, TED speaker, Oprah guest, and one of the top-rated motivational speakers in the world. She’s also a client of mine!


She hired me to produce images her team could use to market her offering as a motivational speaker.

The truth is, almost any millennial can take decent photos of you with their phone.


I'm not going to be a prima donna and claim that only I can take great photos for you.


What I bring is photographic talent paired with business savvy and TONS of experience in brand, marketing, and content.

And by tons I mean I've been a content designer since 2008. I was one of the first full-time photography bloggers publishing daily content and online classes for myself and partner brands. I sold that platform and now, I'm a brand and marketing consultant.

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"Elizabeth took great pictures for our business executives!"

-Jackie Sage, Business of Architecture

Real. Personal. Brands.


2024 Pricing


If you just need some money shots, this is a good option.


✅ Strategy and planning call

✅ Shooting in-studio or on location

✅ 2 wardrobe changes

✅ Proofs gallery to make image choices

✅ 20 digital files of your choice, edited and retouched




If you want more, this one's for you


✅ Strategy and planning call

✅ Shooting in-studio and on-location

✅ 3 wardrobe changes

✅ Proofs gallery to make image choices

✅ 30 digital files of your choice, edited and retouched



Exactly how we will strategize for these photos is my secret sauce.


But what I can tell you now is these are the steps you can expect leading up to your session...

📞 We have a 15-minute video chat to meet and learn about your business. If you like my vibe and want to work together, you move on to the next steps.


✅ You choose which price point works for you and we agree on a date.


📄 I send your contract and invoice.


📞 Once those are taken care of, we have a planning call to discuss how you'd like to come across and how these images will be used. We'll also talk about wardrobe and location(s)


📸 We do the shoot.


💌 A few days later, your images land in your inbox.


💃 You do a happy dance.


📣 We stay friends and I amplify you to my audience like the powerhouse you are.

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