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Wedding photography at the Criminal Justice Center in Sanford

Don't let the name stop you. The criminal justice center in Sanford is a beautiful location to get married in Seminole County.


This building itself is beautiful with one caveat—the ceremony room.


The ceremony room isn't really fit for purpose. They've put up a floral backdrop which is a touching attempt at making a lovely space to get married, but it's very wrinkly and not great if you're concerned about the aesthetic of your ceremony photos.


However, this is a courthouse that allows you to opt for getting married outside!

"Because we invested in an amazing photographer, people who weren’t able to attend thought we had a traditional, expensive wedding!"



A wedding? In this economy?

The average cost of a traditional wedding in Central Florida is $28k

The couples I surveyed paid around $1.6k for their micro wedding...including photography!

Why should you consider getting hitched in Seminole County?

The Seminole County Courthouse is located in a quiet area of Sanford. Parking is free, easy, and right next to the building.


While the Orange County Courthouse is a great location if you want your photos to be city-style, Seminole is beautiful in a different way.


The courthouse grounds are very green with foliage and the building itself is attractive. There's a small green at the courthouse which makes a lovely location for photos.


Of course, if you have another spot in mind for photos after your ceremony, I'm up for a short drive to another place that feels special to you.

Advice from other couples

I surveyed my courthouse wedding couples to learn the info and advice they might have for you. Here's what they said...

"Make this day about you and your spouse! Photos are so important especially when looking back and reminiscing about this important time in your life. However you choose to make your day memorable, professional photos are the way to go. They are worth it!" -Theoshia

How do we spend our 2 hours together?

Most courthouse weddings are complete in 1.5 hrs but I give us 2 just in case.


Here's the flow of the day:

  1. We arrive at the courthouse 5-10 mins before your appointment time
  2. Go through security
  3. Take a number and wait to be called to the window
  4. Do your paperwork
  5. Have your ceremony
  6. Photos outside the courthouse

"Elizabeth exceeded our expectations. She is a joy to be around and made our family & friends feel very comfortable.


We are in awe of our pictures and can’t stop getting compliments. Elizabeth is kind, patient, and professional. She made the session stress-free and brought our vision to life.


She is people-centered and cares about providing exceptional service. Another plus is the quick turnout time given the amount of work that goes into edits."

Whitney & Dallas

Why do couples choose a courthouse wedding?

As Florida's busiest courthouse wedding photographer, I've been studying the trend to better understand why couples choose to get married this way. A majority of my clients say the top reason for their choice is less stress.

Pricing in 2024

I charge an easy rate.


✅ Ceremony

✅ Private photo time with just us

✅ Up to 2 hours of shooting

✅ I estimate that for every hour of shooting, there are around 50 final shots


📸 Photography only $860

📸 🎥 Photography + Cinematic Video $1760

Locations not local to Central Florida may incur a travel fee. Fee due upon booking.


Cinematic video is filmed with cameras and lenses that are used in TV and feature films and are edited to music like a music video.

Advice & Info

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