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Wedding photography at the Seminole County Courthouse, Sanford

I’ve photographed a few weddings at the Seminole County Courthouse.


Before Covid, the main hotspot for a courthouse wedding in Central Florida was the Orange County Clerk of Courts in downtown Orlando.


I suddenly started getting more requests to cover marriages at the court in Sanford and I didn't even know that place existed!


During Covid, they're doing marriage ceremonies outdoors which is so much more photogenic than the ceremony room.

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married at the Seminole County Courthouse.

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“I am in loooove with our pictures.

I can’t get enough of them!”


Why should you consider getting hitched in Seminole County?

The Seminole County Courthouse is located in a quiet area of Sanford. Parking is free, easy and right next to the building.


While the Orange County Courthouse is a great location if you want your photos to be city-style, Seminole is beautful in a different way.


The courthouse grounds are very green with foliage and the building itself is attractive. There's a small boat marina right next to the courthouse which makes a lovely location for photos.


Of course, if you have another spot in mind for photos after your ceremony, I'm up for a short drive to another place that feels special to you.