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Wedding photography at the Seminole County Courthouse, Sanford

Before Covid, the main hotspot for a courthouse wedding in Central Florida was the Orange County Clerk of Courts in downtown Orlando.


During Covid, Seminole Co. did ceremonies outdoors which was beautiful. They're now back to doing them in the ceremony room which is much more photogenic than the room at the Orange County Courthouse.


Click here for a page about all of the Central Florida Courthouses so you can make an informed choice.

“I am in love with our pictures. I can’t get enough of them!”


Why should you consider getting hitched in Seminole County?

The Seminole County Courthouse is located in a quiet area of Sanford. Parking is free, easy, and right next to the building.


While the Orange County Courthouse is a great location if you want your photos to be city-style, Seminole is beautiful in a different way.


The courthouse grounds are very green with foliage and the building itself is an attractive mid-century style. There's a small boat marina right next to the courthouse which makes a lovely location for photos.


Of course, if you have another spot in mind for photos after your ceremony, I'm up for a short drive to another place that feels special to you.

Advice from other couples

I surveyed my courthouse wedding couples to learn the info and advice they might have for you. Here's what they said...

"Make this day about you and your spouse! Photos are so important especially when looking back and reminiscing about this important time in your life. However you choose to make your day memorable, professional photos are the way to go. They are worth it!" -Theoshia

Info for getting married at the Seminole County Clerk of Courts

The most important thing I can tell you is to remember that half of the year, Florida has a storm every afternoon. So if you want to get married at 3pm in July, bring a cute umbrella or plan your time earlier if you don't want photos in the rain.


The ceremony room at the courthouse is what I'd call "mid-sized" and seats about 20. The ceremony takes about 5 minutes.


Hi I'm Elizabeth

I'm Florida's #1 Courthouse Wedding Photographer

Although I'm American, I was trained in photography in the UK. I did elite weddings around Europe for a decade before returning to the States.


I quickly learned that I wasn't interested in being a part of the wedding industry machine in America and I wanted to recapture the feeling I had working with couples in Europe.


After one fateful micro wedding, I was hooked; I found that couples getting married in a more intimate way are my kind of people.

Switch off your busy brain


I bring photographic talent paired with over a decade of experience and hundreds of weddings under my belt.


With me, you don't have to worry about where you'll take your photos, how you'll pose, or what photos to take.


When you hire me, you get killer photos AND someone who lets you switch off your busy brain so you can enjoy the day without wondering if anyone is getting any good photos for you.


I charge an easy rate.


✅ Ceremony

✅ Private photo time with just us

✅ Up to 2 hours shooting

✅ I estimate that for every hour of shooting, there are around 50 final shots


Booking fee $650

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