Central Florida Family Photographer // Nomadic Community Gardens

“Once again, you’ve knocked it out of the park. Every shoot we do with you is my new favorite!” -Audrey

I’m SO pleased that even though I left the UK, I still get to connect with “my regulars” when I’m passing through. It was such a pleasure to get to photograph the Taylors in Shoreditch (BEST part of London).

It’s been a record breaking summer in England in terms of heat and very little rain. And -BOOM- as soon as I show up? Cold and rain. What the hell, England? I’m leaving you a very bad Yelp review!

The Taylors are kind of the best people to get stuck in the rain with. They don’t give a crap. They’re easy going. Their kids are up for anything. Those laughs aren’t fake.

We shot in Shoreditch at the Nomadic Community Gardens which is a little-known and out of the way location you find behind a wall. It’s a wonderland of unwanted things turned into art and the people who curate and enjoy the gardens. There was a lot going on while we were discovering the place. A wake. A music video. A film crew. And us.

Taylors, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your family again!

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