Edgy Orlando Courthouse Wedding

A downtown Orlando courthouse wedding for Alyssa & Nikolas.

Alyssa and Nikolas are a military couple and they wanted to get married before he headed back to finish his last year in the Army. I hope these photos of their courthouse wedding get them through the year and help them stay focused on—and excited about—their life ahead.

This day started like many others. We met just before their appointment time outside the courthouse and headed inside for their ceremony. When it came time for their city photo tour, we walked further down than usual before starting. I needed to feel a bit more inspired on this day. And I’m so glad we did!

Alyssa asked for this warm, earthy editing style so I looked for spots that would look great in those tones and I think we nailed it.

The icing on the cake was discovering the oversized radio. Oh, and the school bus because Alyssa is a teacher. How perfect is that! The kids were on a field trip and later on, we could hear them saying “eeeew they’re kissing!” when we were still nearby. I’m happy to know that little kids are still that innocent these days.

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