Poppin bottles at the Orange County Courthouse

I love what I do. I. LOVE. IT. The day I don’t love doing this anymore is the day I quit because my couples deserve the best!

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Elizabeth was AMAZING. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, and a true professional! I reached out to her on Instagram after falling in love with her work and she got back to me so fast. She captured our big day so perfectly and guided us all the way throughout the shoot. Also got the photos back to us so fast!! So beyond happy with her work couldn’t recommend her enough! Thank you so much for such an unforgettable shoot.

Micaela & Diego

When I met Micaela and Diego, I recognized her instantly because her face has been in my Instagram notifications for weeks now. Diego was so sweet when we met he said “I’m so excited. I’ve been telling everyone we’re getting Florida’s best courthouse wedding photographer!” So…no pressure.

I always want to make my couples happy. If you ain’t happy, I ain’t happy. But I wanted to make these two a bit extra happy. And I think I did it! They’re “obsessed”. Mission accomplished

Micaela and Diego have been together since they were 18 and they got married on their 10th anniversary at the Orange County Courthouse in Downtown Orlando with their best friends who are also a couple.

After their ceremony, we walked around the downtown area right around the courthouse and did what I’m calling a photo tour which means going around taking photos together for an hour or so.

We ended it with something I wish more couples did—they read custom vows to each other. As much as I love these courthouse weddings, the thing missing from them is the opportunity for couples to speak from the heart.

So we did that in the beautiful courtyard of a nearby restaurant and topped it off with a super fun champagne spray photo which my couples are asking me for more and more.

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