Seminole County Courthouse Photography // Amanda & Anthony

I’m digging your courthouse weddings, y’all. As long as you keep ’em coming I’ll be here to photograph your day, your way. Always joyful, never forced.

Amanda and Anthony were supposed to get married a long time ago, but like so many couples, Covid screwed their shit up and they said “eff it let’s do the courthouse thing”. And I’m so glad they did! The light was perfect, the event was joyful and because they opted for the Seminole County Courthouse, they got to do it with their nearest and dearest.

“I look at the photos ALL the time. It’s not just a reminder of the day we came together as a married couple, but we felt so gorgeous together in the resulting pictures which boosted our confidence as individuals.” -Amanda

When choosing between Seminole and Orange County courthouses, this is my advice: unless you’re married to the idea of having your photography in downtown Orlando, go for Seminole. Its more laid back, there’s not a lot going on there and the people are really kind and accommodating. Orange County is a very busy courthouse in the middle of a city and there are a lot of different people there for different reasons. It’s just an overall very different vibe.

That said, if you don’t like the boat/costal vibe, then Seminole might not be for you either. I’m happy to talk to you about your options and answer your questions based on my experience of both.

But today we’re talking about Amanda and Anthony! They have a beautiful bébé named Amber who stole the show a few times and was stealing everyone’s hearts, too. I do really adore something about seeing a couple get married with their kids in tow it’s such a special thing for them to be a part of.

Thank you, Amanda and Anthony, for having me and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

“Elizabeth is THE best. She will make you feel so comfortable and beautiful and will make sure your memories are captured in such a beautiful way.” -Amanda

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