I can now officiate Florida marriages while I photograph them

Couples elope because it’s an easy, stress-free, and intimate way to get married. I can make it even easier.

Note: there are officiant recommendations at the end of this post if you want something more formal.

Recently, I did a wedding where there were paperwork hiccups and the couple almost couldn’t get married. If it hadn’t been for the officiant they were able to hire quickly to come meet us downtown, it could have been a very different story.

That experience made me think that maybe I should get licensed as an officiant so I can help out in a pinch. And that’s exactly what I did!

This means that for couples who want a really stripped-down experience without the need to hire and work with an additional vendor, I am able to make your marriage legal and photograph it at the same time!

I can’t stress enough how very stripped-down of an experience this would be. Licensed officiants only need to say 2 things to make your marriage legal:

  1. We have to ask your consent to marry (the part where you say “I do”)
  2. We have to pronounce you married

If you want your ceremony to be more robust, I’d recommend making vows to one another and exchanging rings so that your wedding can be longer than 30 seconds. If you’re going to do vows, I recommend writing them on paper. Reading them off your phone doesn’t look as meaningful on camera.

This option for me to officiate opens up a world of possibilities for us in terms of when, where, and how my couples can get married. You could literally get married in bed for all I care! I’m down for any crazy ideas people can think up.

Note that you still need a marriage license. You can get this 3 days before your marriage and it is valid for 30 days before you’d need to get a new one (if you don’t get married in that time period). I will take your license, fill out the officiant’s portion, and hand it back to you and you will send or hand deliver it back to the county where you got it. They will then send your official marriage certificate to you through the mail.

And there you have it…the easiest wedding photography experience of all time!

PS If you want a more official officiant experience, I have two recommendations:

  1. For a non-religious officiant, I’d recommend Carol. She’s fun and quirky. She makes ceremonies very personal. Her website is https://www.thegingerofficiant.com/
  2. For a Christian minister who does both religious and non-religious ceremonies. She’s mature, warm, and very southern. She brings a lot of joy and humor into her ceremonies and people seem to love her. Her website is https://www.ceremonybycrystal.com/. 

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