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“OMG! You just reminded us why we chose you as our photographer!! Photos are mind blowing. Absolutely love them.” -K+K

I’m a big talker. We all know that. But when I say that the wedding of Kethes & Kiru was “incredible”? That word doesn’t even cut it. If you’ve followed my work for a while you’ll know these two already. You will have seen Kethes propose marriage to Kiru here. And Froyle Park is the same location where that epic proposal took place.


This day was the second event of their marriage happenings. The day before was their Hindu ceremony where they were married in the eyes of God. The solid gold necklace Kiru wore would be worn for 4 days and nights after their religious ceremony.


We had the pleasure of covering this day of their civil ceremony where they were married in the eyes of the law.

Kiru and Kethes both wore two different outfits throughout the day. Kiru’s first gown was a gold sari and she looked absolutely radiant.


They were married in the white room at the venue on a beautiful day which featured ample warmth and sunshine to match the warmth radiating off of their friends and family.


After their ceremony, Kiru threw her bouquet which doesn’t actually happen too often here in the UK! Always a fun moment to shoot.


I have never known there so be so much food at a wedding. First, afternoon tea, English style but with tea hand delivered from Sri Lanka. Then, canapés. Then dinner with so many courses that Mark & I just couldn’t even manage the main course.


The caterers, Preeti, did this wedding serious justice with all that amazing food.


This was by far the most entertaining, lively, energetic wedding I have ever (or likely will ever) witness. There was performance after performance from not only professional entertainers, but also the bride and groom performing surprises for each other. Kiru did a dance so stunning and enthralling that my jaw was dropped the whole time.


And then Kethes did a Michael Jackson inspired performance for Kiru which ended with him sashaying to deliver her one perfect rose. I’m telling you…these dances were flawless.


As if that weren’t impressive enough, their friends surprised them with an impeccably choreographed comedy dance interpretation of how Kethes & Kiru met. Again, I was like “who are these people?!” The talent was…just…what!


We did their Mr & Mrs photos in the same spots as the day they got engaged only this time, Kiru had changed into her evening wear. Another incredible (yes I’m aware of my overuse of the word!) sari.


Naturally, my expectations were high for the moves we’d be seeing on the dance floor and this group didn’t disappoint. The vibes were mega juicy all the way until they broke the sound barrier and the whole system was automatically shut down by the noise restriction meter! It ain’t a party till that thing shuts it all down.


Kethes, Kiru, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to record the story of your day. It was a total pleasure.

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