Weddings // So many vendors. Who’s the most important?

Your wedding day will be 12 hours like any other day. Who will you choose to make it last forever?

These little moment pass by in a second, but I make them last forever.

These little moment pass by in a second, but we make them last forever.

The wedding industry is such a funny thing. There are thousands of weddings going on every weekend in the UK. It can be easy for wedding vendors like me to get disillusioned about the whole thing and just start running on auto pilot, one wedding running into the next in an endless conveyor belt of parties.

But for me, it’s never going to be like that. As an artist and storyteller, it’s my job to do more than just take ‘pics’. I’m not a camera for hire. I meet every couple before they book me, even if I have to drive 2 hours for the 30 minutes we spend together. I give every couple an engagement session. This is all an effort to get to know my couples and treat you like more than a client so I can really get to grips with your story and how to best tell it for you.

I’ve had many experiences with other vendors (makeup artists, caterers, officiants, etc) who seem to be of the opinion that their contributions to the day are the most important. I’ve been yelled at by caterers running early with the main course (for taking photos during a scheduled photo time). I’ve been told by vicars that I’m not allowed to take photos and I’ve had makeup artist degrade me to my clients right in front of me and my team (“these photographers…they’re always like this” *rolling eyes*).

Stunning marquees by Cariad Canvas

Stunning marquees by Cariad Canvas

Thing is…there are so many beautiful artists, craftspeople and passionate vendors who work together to make a perfect wedding day for our clients.

  • The hair and makeup artists make the bride and her troupe stunning.
  • The dress designer makes her unforgetable.
  • The marquee company or venue provides the roof under which all these memories are happening.
  • The vicar brings the bride and groom together into their union as husband and wife.
  • The caterer feeds and delights the couple and their precious friends and family.
  • The florist brings beautiful nature and creation into the day. Those tender flowers are so much more then decorations. They resemble all that makes life delicate and fragile and help us to appreciate how meaningful the day really is.
My cinema team capturing the day in motion picture.

My cinema team capturing the day in motion picture.

All of these skilled people play a role in the story. No one vendor is more important than the other. As the photographer on the day, I don’t feel that I’m more important than my partners – we are all there to thrill and delight our couple. All of that said, it just happens to be that the only one of all those people I mentioned above who has the power to make the day last forever is your photographer. Me. The makeup artist makes her stunning, but I make it last for all eternity. The pastry chef makes a cake that takes your breath away, but I keep it around long after it’s been annihlated by hungry guests. Long after the marquee comes down, the dress is in storage, the sun has set on the day, it remains as a beautiful visual story thanks to your photographer.

Your wedding day will be 12 hours like any other day. Who will you choose to make it last forever? Who will be creating the images that your grandchildren will be looking at some day?

Wedding photography is my passion. Will you allow me to make your day last forever?


The Author & Artist

I'm Elizabeth, the photographer behind Gracie May Photography. I've been shooting since my first wedding in 2008 on a borrowed camera.

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