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“I’ve just had a baby and I didn’t know how it would feel to be photographed. I’m so happy I did it. These photo sessions should come on prescription!” -Toyha

Toyha is the most adaptable, transformational woman I know. Toyha is ever-changing, ever-bettering herself. A beautiful chameleon.

Toyha was destined to be named Rebecca Jane, but when her dad saw Toyah Wilcox on Top of the Pops, the plan changed and she was named Toyha!

When I began this side of my business, Toyha was in the top 5 women I wanted to photograph in 2013. She had the most gorgeous little boy, Jude, only 12 months ago and was apprehensive about being photographed. But as you can see from her quote above, our time together exceeded her expectations. And mine as well! I knew she was beautiful, but dayum, girl!


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