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Ya know how therapists have their own therapists who totally “get them” and know what it’s like to be in their shoes? In the same way, there are photographers who are particularly in tune with photographing fellow photographers and I am one of those!

Because I’ve been mentoring and teaching photographers since 2008, I naturally get called upon often to shoot for them. Not just their portraits or business stuff, but their weddings, their families…the whole shebang.

I met Fayth a long time ago when I lived in England and she was a reader of my blog for photographers. I photographed for her family a couple times when I went back and forth between Florida and the UK. When I landed back here for good, our friendship grew and we started trading photo sessions. I photograph her, she photographs me. The photos you see here are the results of such a trade.

I love seeing them pop up in my feed as she uses them to help people know, like and trust her (pillars of a strong personal brand).

Way to go, Fayth!

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