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Like any other business people, doctors need to build rapport with their audience online. Let me help you create a stock of images to connect with your prospects and existing patients!

So many of the creators I follow on Instagram and TikTok are physicians. Plastic surgeons, psychiatrists, and -my favorite- dermatologists! I am obsessed with skincare. No joke my morning routine is up to 11 steps now and I love it.

So when Dr. Maren Locke, aka The Budget Dermatologist, reached out to say she needed personal brand photos, I was all over it and so excited to hear from her.

Maren started her YouTube channel only 11 months ago and has amassed a stunning 134,000 subscribers and climbing. Maren is a practicing, board-certified dermatologist which means she’s a medical doctor with an expertise in all things skin, hair, and nails. She’s on a mission to teach you how to achieve premium skin without the price tag.

We did Maren’s photos at a now-favorite location of mine which is the JW Marriott. I love that location because they are situated next to the Ritz and guests have access to both properties. This makes for some very high-end locations to capture a wide variety of images. This is ideal because it’s my goal during these times together to get as many different types of images as we can in one short period of time.

Hair and makeup is by the incredible Gina Schmidt of About Face Design Team.

In addition to photos of Maren, I captured a stock of product shots for her to have on hand for products she wants to talk about in the coming weeks and months on her Instagram. So it was very fun to fall back on my history shooting product photography to get these while she was in hair and makeup with Gina.

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