Orlando Photographer // Personal Brand at The Ritz Carlton

How do influencers, entrepreneurs and your favorite personalities fill their Instagram feeds with constant, consistent content? They shoot it all in one day. This is what I do for my personal brand clients.

“The images are stunning you did such an amazing job, made me feel so comfortable, and I had fun. To top it all off, I feel like I made a new friend, and the family loves you.” -Denise

Denise Borrelli’s personal brand photography session. Oh my god you guys. Oh. My. God. As I type this, I can still feel the sting of all the sun I got today enjoying the Florida winter with this babe who embodies the phrase “not just a pretty face”. She’s pretty driven, pretty smart and pretty damn nice to boot.

I had the joy of spending the day with Denise and her crew which includes 5 wildly beautiful and talented kiddos and supportive husband who she’s been with since she was 17. They’ve traveled the country living in 9 states the last 9 years before finally landing in Florida.

Oh, Florida. We might be the home of the strangest headlines you can imagine, but come ON. Can you believe this juicy ass sunshine in WINTER?! I’ll gladly take my chances that there might be an alligator on my doorstep in the morning if this is what we call “winter”.

Denise helps entrepreneurs build online businesses by selling digital products on auto pilot. Making complicated things simple is actually pretty hard and the fact that she’s found a formula to help businesses sell with ease makes her a genius in my book. I’m looking forward to joining her new course when it gets up and running. Follow her on Instagram here to keep an eye out for that announcement.

We did this shoot as guests at the JW Marriott and The Ritz Carlton resorts in Orlando. Such a pleasure shooting in a superbly gorgeous place.

You’ll see all the images below, but also go look at Denise’s website to see how they’re she’s using them to make her online presence POP and people’s buy her online courses.

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