Orlando Personal Brand Photography // Realtor Shoot in Dr Phillips

Sarah’s personal branding photo shoot is exactly what realtors in Orlando should be doing to create stunning content for their social channels.

“I LOVE these photos. I’m so very pleased. Hard to believe it’s me!” -Sarah

I was so thrilled when Sarah contacted me to create a stock of images for her real estate business. I’ve been doing personal brand photography for a couple years now and have been dying to shoot a realtor. I had so many ideas for what I could do that Sarah ended up with a MASSIVE folder of images to choose from for whatever she could possibly need them for.

Sarah’s background is pretty impressive. She’s not just a pretty face she’s incredibly smart with a Ph.D. in physical therapy. Now, she’s achieved her real estate license and bagged herself a spot at a primo brokerage. The sky is the literal limit for this woman.

We wanted to use these images to tell the story that she’s savvy, smart, driven and she will work tirelessly for her clients. Whether they’re building a new home, buying or selling, Sarah is the representative her clients need her to be. I think we did a killer job creating a body of work to illustrate all her best qualities and I simply cannot wait to see what she does with these photos and with her new career!

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