Orlando Photographer // Earthy Tones at the Courthouse

Wherever you choose to tie the knot, I help you celebrate your big day. Each wedding that I’ve covered at the Orange County Courthouse has been unique. Especially for Lydia and Brian!

OMG OMG I only just did Lydia & Brian’s wedding yesterday but I simply cannot wait to share it with you. When Lydia sent me her inspiration shots, they were all in these warm, earthy tones that I used to use a lot before the gradual shift to natural coloring and minimalist editing techniques.

Lydia’s inspiration shots were also full of movement so I made sure to keep them moving throughout their photo shoot in Downtown Orlando. I was really excited to get back to my roots and give Lydia her dream wedding photos.

We shot at 3pm in Orlando in July which (usually) means rain but luckily this day, we just had strong sunshine and fluffy clouds. This editing style looks particularly great with photos taken in harsh sunlight and they tuned out exactly as I hoped they would. And Lydia thought so too!

“I am so happy that we went with Elizabeth, she did not disappoint! She has a calming personality that makes you feel relaxed immediately even in front of the camera! You would never know this was our first time taking professional pictures.” -Lydia

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