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Who takes photos of photographers in Central Florida? Me! I’m “the photographer’s photographer”

And that’s why I was so excited that Gabriela slid into my DMs in November and said she was tired of taking photos of herself. I feel you, Boo. There are only so many selfies you can post and the only other option is taking self portraits with a tripod and remote control. I did that for myself recently and was actually sore for days between posing myself and then running back and forth to see the shots on the back of the camera.

Ya know how therapists have their own therapists who totally “get them” and know what it’s like to be in their shoes? ⁠

In the same way, there are photographers who are particularly in tune with photographing fellow photographers and I am one of those!⁠

(I apologize for that sentence. It tickled me.)

You’d think that photographers know how to act in front of the camera. Like we’re not like everyone else but that’s just not true. Each side of the camera comes with a very different point of view and it’s important to hire someone who won’t leave all the posing up to you. I am intensely focused on every part of your body during a session to make sure you look totally adorable throughout.

Now, about Gabriela. She’s an Orlando Wedding Photographer who I’d highly recommend. She’s spunky, bright, creative and energetic. Before her personal brand shoot, we worked together at Jose & Sully’s wedding.

About her wedding photography, Gabriela says she does natural light photography for “the romantics, the snugglers, the huggers and the lovers of life”. Now that I know her personality, it’s easy to see that her work is a mirror. I see a lot of her in her work and it makes the saying true that “every portrait is a self portrait”.

As photographers, we pour all of ourselves into our work and it’s a grand pleasure to be able to give back to the artists who give so much to everyone else.

Photographers already have a shit-ton of content they can post online, right? So why do they need personal branding sessions?

I asked Gabriela why she chose to do a personal brand session when she already has thousands of photos she takes for clients. She said,

“I wanted pictures that would let my clients connect with me on a personal level. I take pictures of my clients’ pretty intimate moments and I want them to get the chance to know me and fall in love with me. It’s not just about the pictures – it’s also about the connection.”

And with so many photographers she could use, why did she choose ME? “I decided to shoot with you because I knew that you would capture my personality best.”

We clicked (pun intended) from our very first call and I hope we stay in touch now that her photos are done!

We did Gabriela’s personal brand photography session all around Historic Downtown Winter Park and a couple of spots we pulled over for along the way. This is an example of how much is possible to capture in a 2 hour session. Her final folder of images was 319 strong.

I also captured some video clips on-the-go that she’s found very valuable for her business. She’s used them to create some high performing Instagram Reels including this one which has so far gotten 11k views and 200 likes!

My personal brand photography is perfect for influencers, content producers, digital entrepreneurs and anyone looking to produce a helluva lot of different kinds of imagery in one shoot. Learn more about these sessions here.

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