Central Florida Photographer // Orange County Courthouse Wedding

“I am in loooove with our pictures. I can’t get enough of them!” -Frances

Little did I know that this first courthouse wedding would completely change the course of my business. I now exclusively shoot micro and courthouse weddings and have become the busiest courthouse wedding photographer in Florida!

These weddings prove how easily you can celebrate your love without a lot of frills and still end up with a stunning visual story to look back on. If you hire the right photographer, of course! *wink

When I met Frances for the first time, I knew I was up against a couple of other photographers to get the gig to be her photographer. I was secretly desperate to do my first courthouse wedding but I think I played it pretty chill. Then and there, she declared I would be the photographer and I was just so thrilled. I knew that even though there wouldn’t be dances and canapés and confetti and cars, Jeffrey & Frances’ wedding day was going to be special and emotional and still visually stunning. And, boy, was I right.

These two are just so juicy. I love them. I think you’ll fall in love with them, too.

I’m so in love with these easy, breezy gigs which feature love over flowers. And the Orange County Courthouse is a great venue for this getterdone approach.

After covering their first look, courthouse ceremony, and family shots, we wandered around downtown Orlando on this beautiful spring day and photographed near the public library, Catholic Church, Mead Gardens in Winter Park, and other spots I’d found thanks to Pinterest.

Thanks to my assistant, Andrew, who went running around the city looking for the locations while we were in the courthouse. He even stumbled across a man having a heart attack and called 911! So basically, we’re literal heroes. Saving lives and photographing weddings. If that’s not a unique sales proposition, I don’t know what is!







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