Cinco de Mayo Courthouse Wedding Downtown Orlando

I cover civil ceremonies in the counties of Central Florida for couples who want to get married their own way.

Gerber and Joanna booked me as the photographer for their courthouse wedding in Downtown Orlando on Cinco de Mayo.

They asked me to do a coffee date shot and I couldn’t really picture 📸 it at first. I was thinking of chain coffee shops and I wanted something way more photogenic and adorable than that. Enter Latin Square Cuisine. I walk by there every time I do a courthouse wedding and only realized it was there when looking for the perfect cafe for this photo. It hit the spot and was exactly what they wanted.

I’m doing more champagne spray shots these days and it’s a real hit-or-miss kind of thing because it happens so fast. My advice is to have backup bottle(s). That helps take the pressure off the first try. Before doing it, it helps to decide who’s popping the bottle and what the other person should be doing when it happens. It’s natural to want to turn away and make a crazy face when there’s champagne spraying all over you, but keep this in mind and try to have a joyful expression.

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