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I only do family photography that’s always joyful, never forced

Duuuuudes. I got to photograph the Taylor family again. Leaving the UK meant leaving behind so many of the families I worked with every year. I love the idea of being your family photographer for as long as you want me to be and I want to have this body of work someday that shows families moving through all their stages of life right up to the kids getting married and starting families of their own.

I’m so blessed that the Taylors have been working with me for since 2013 and whenever I’m in the UK, we get together.

Our shoots usually take the form of meeting up and exploring somewhere. Fist time, we were in lavender. Then we got lost (literally) and pulled over on the side of the road to shoot. Then, we crossed the Leadenhall Market off our bucket list. Two years ago, we got to shoot in the Shoreditch Nomadic Community Garden and I’m thankful we did because it doesn’t exist anymore.

This time, we celebrated the Taylors moving to Norwich by having a little adventure around to see what we could find. A highlight location was this weird little house with wonky doors and windows called Tombland. The county of Norfolk is considered to be the most haunted place in the UK. This website isn’t a morose place so I won’t tell you the legend of the Bubonic Plague attached to the Tombland house, but my first hand account is that nothing tapped me on the shoulder, whispered in my ear or creeped me out!

I can report that the only new baby added to the Taylor family has been a furbaby who made our shoot extra fun and adventurous.

I wonder what we’ll get up to next time!

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