Your day.

Your way.

However you choose to tie the knot, I'll capture your adventure.

Although I'm American, I was trained in photography in the UK. I did elite weddings around Europe for a decade before returning to the States.


I quickly learned that I wasn't interested in being a part of the wedding industry machine in America and I wanted to recapture the feeling I had working with couples in Europe.


After one fateful micro wedding, I was hooked; I found that couples getting married in a more intimate way are my kind of people.


I'd love to join you on your adventure!

I can deliver your photos within 24 hours.

"Because we invested in an amazing photographer, people who weren’t able to attend thought we had a big expensive wedding!"



A wedding? In this economy?

The average cost of a traditional wedding in Central Florida is $27,000

Advice from

other couples

I surveyed my micro wedding couples to learn the info and advice they might have for you. Here's what they said...

"Make this day about you and your spouse. However you choose to make your day memorable, professional photos are the way to go. They are worth it!"


"I wish I hadn't scheduled some things on our day so close together. I worried about large gaps of time and that I would get anxious, but I wish I'd scheduled more time between things. The day went by so fast. "


"Because we invested in an amazing photographer, people who weren’t able to attend thought we had a big expensive wedding!"


Hi I'm Elizabeth

I’ve been in love with photography since 2008 when I shot my first wedding on a borrowed camera.


I haven’t won any awards. My award is the joy of hearing from you after you’ve seen your photos for the first time.


I’ve never taken a photography class (but I’ve taught them!) My degree is in blood sweat and tears (oh so many tears).


However you choose to tie the knot, I help you celebrate your big day.

Switch off your busy brain


I bring photographic talent paired with over a decade of experience and hundreds of weddings under my belt.


With me, you don't have to worry about where you'll take your photos, how you'll pose, or what photos to take.


When you hire me, you get killer photos AND someone who lets you switch off your busy brain so you can enjoy the day without wondering if anyone is getting any good photos for you.


I charge an easy rate


✅ Ceremony

✅ Private photo time with just us

✅ Up to 2 hours of shooting

✅ I estimate that for every hour of shooting, there are around 50 final shots


Booking fee $650


Real Florida Courthouse Weddings

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Why do couples choose a micro wedding?

I've been studying the micro-wedding trend to better understand why couples choose to get married this way. A majority of my clients say the top reason for their choice is less stress.

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