Dr. Phillips High School Class of 2024 Grad Photos

Sometimes, I even take pictures of my own kids. This is my second high school grad. One left to go!

My sweet boy Jack graduated from Dr Phillips High School’s TV Production magnet program with a 4.2 GPA and earned a Bright Futures Scholarship. He’s going into mechanical engineering which is only natural since he’s the one who invents solutions to complex problems in our family!

boy graduate class of 2024 at dr phillips high school

He faced so much in those 4 years. From learning that he has Autism to starting his freshman year during Covid, he showed how truly resilient he is.

boy posing for grad photos in his cap and gown at dr phillips high school

We did his photos in the courtyard at Dr Phillips after the last day of school. Whether it’s high school or university, taking grad photos at the place where you worked so hard for all of those years can add some great context to the photos celebrating your triumph.

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