Richmond Park Engagement // London Wedding Photographer

“We just cried happy tears and had our mouths hanging open. You have left me speechless.” -Clare

Dan & Clare are just the cutest. They’re having a May wedding in Richmond Park so we decided to do their engagement session there during the winter to show the contrast of two very different seasons in one place.


I’ve been shooting in Richmond Park for years and every session is different. No matter the season, Richmond Park is a most incredible place but for some reason I’m usually drawn to it in autumn. A miles-wide plot of wilderness in London, the park is usually full of wild deer but we couldn’t spot any this time. Just us three wandering around for hours.


All the skies in these photos are for real and not replaced with Photoshop.

The Author & Artist

I'm Elizabeth, the photographer behind Gracie May Photography. I've been shooting since my first wedding in 2008 on a borrowed camera.

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