Courthouse Wedding Photographer // JP & Schella

Week in, week out, I’m the photographer most seen working for couples tying the knot at the Orange County Courthouse in Downtown Orlando.

JP and Schella are a very special couple who have fought very hard to be together so it was incredibly touching to have been invited to be the photographer to capture their day.

Schella is from a village near Port-au-Prince which is going through an incredible amount of turmoil at this time and JP fought hard to get her out and to safety in Florida. I have a lump in my throat just thinking about how hard I know that was.

Although JP is no amateur when it comes to fighting hard. He was adopted as a baby from an orphanage in Haiti and had sustained some very serious injuries in his very short little life. His parents took him home and carried him through rehab and healing.

We met outside the Orange County Courthouse in Downtown Orlando and went straight in for the ceremony with family photos and a time just the three of us getting lost downtown and finding all the great spots for pictures.

Thank you, JP and Schella. This is your story:

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